Car Seat Options

There are so many different car seats to choose from; Infant, booster, convertible, high back booster, backless booster, and the list goes on. With all of these options, how do you know when to move your child to a different seat, and which one do you buy? Several things should be considered when choosing the right car seat for your child. The first thing to do is get your child’s age, height, and weight. Then compare that information to the manufactures height and weight limit that is stamped on the car seat.  You can keep your child in a particular car seat until they meet the max height and weight limits on the manufacture guidelines.

By visiting:, you can find a location near you that will help make sure that you have the proper car seat for your child and that it is installed properly.

If you would like a quick reference about; choosing the correct car seat for your child, instructions on how to install, and safety videos, download an App created by the American Academy of Pediatrics called “Car Seat Check”.


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